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How to start an Online Business

The Tools you need for online business

10 Reasons to Drop Out of College

1. You can go back any time within 10 years.

College credits are valid up to 10 years for most universities. You can drop out of school and come back at a time where it makes more sense.

College is a huge financial commitment.

Before you decide to go to college, think about the job you would like to do when you get out.

It makes much more sense to study a subject with a goal in mind rather than "figuring it out" along the way.

Dropping out of college

2. Your student loans are adding up

Many college graduates will pay student loan debt for the rest of their adult life. Private schools can cost 30,000-50,000 per year.

Unless you are attending an Ivy league school, this does not make sense for most people.

Public universities can also be expensive. Graduating with $40,000 in debt will turn into $60,000 over the life of paying back the loan.

Ask any college graduate with student loan debt. They will tell you to stop and think about what you want to do before you make that kind of financial commitment.

If you are unsure what you want to do, DON'T go to college.

No one is forcing you to go to school right away, your future should not be determined by those around you.

College an outdated and ineffective form of higher education.

Dropping out of college

3. College degrees are not worth what they used to be

Unless you study a very specialized field, a broad college degree is worth very little these days. Degrees in business and communication are often too broad to get recognition in the real world.

As a young person with little experience, many times it is more valuable to get an entry level job (at a real company) than to go to college.

dropping out of college

4. Online businesses are real

You can start an online business without any startup cost.

Affiliate marketing, ebooks and cpa marketing are three ways to make money online for free.

Market your online business on youtube and social media.

All businesses need to have an online presence. For most, their online sales out perform their in person sales.

There are blogs making $400,000 PER MONTH!

These men decided that dropping out of college was the right move for them.

5. You can get a job without a degree

If you are the right guy for the job, a college degree should not stand in the way.

Before going to school, see if you can get the job you want without going to school. Consult college graduates who are already part of the job market.

Their college degrees are often worthless.

6. Your major is not lucrative enough to justify the cost

After graduating, many young adults don't make enough money to justify paying thousands in student loan debt.

Even after graduating, new hires typically make very little money. Make sure that your major can make you money when you graduate.

7. College is an out dated form of education

With the internet, physically going to a brick and mortar building is no longer required to educate yourself.

Education is more accessible than ever.

Learning a little about a lot of topics will not prepare you for the real world.

The more you can specialize, the better. Often times, college professors are not the right people to answer all of your questions.

8. You can educate yourself in other ways

Find what you are interested in and seek education from the experts in that field.

There are experts in whatever field you are interested in. They typically don't teach at universities.

Want to learn about business? Find someone who has been there and done that.

9. You need a break

College does not have to be finished in 4 consecutive years.

Sometimes paying the bills is more important than accruing more student loan debt.

Dropping out of college may be the best decision you can make.

10. You can start a local business

A local business will teach you more about making money than any 4 year degree.

Learn how to hire contractors, put up a website and you're in business.

Understanding how a business works is how you can best raise your value as an asset to a company.

10 Tools you NEED for Online Business
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