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5 Reasons for Leaving a Job

1. Not enough time with family

reasons for leaving a job

Many jobs require hours that could otherwise be spent with love ones.

This study showed that individuals who work more than 55 hours per week are 33% higher risk of stroke and 13% more at risk for coronary heart disease.

On average, families spend 36 minutes together on workdays. Take this opportunity to think about how you can build a closer relationship with the important people in your life.

Time spent doing things that you don't want to do can never be reclaimed. That time could be spend traveling or exploring subjects that interest you. Time is the only real currency.

2. Your job stunts your growth as a person

reasons for leaving a job

Many people live their life oblivious to the possibilities that are available to them. As one of my favorite authors Tim Ferriss put it the "sit at one table" for their entire life.

To really grow as a person, you need to have the freedom to "sit at other tables" and learn from people outside of your typical social circle. Imagine if you could sit at the table of wealthy billionaires, famous artists or athletes.

The topics of conversation would surely be much different than those you're used to. There is plenty to learn for expanding your comfort zone.

3. Your boss disrespects you

reasons for leaving a job

A disrespectful boss is something that will slowly kill your self worth. As a person who values themselves you have two options.

One, you can stand up for yourself and have a talk with your boss, or two, don't say anything in fear of being fired.

If option number one doesn't work out, you must start to look at alternate means of income. If you do choose to stand up for yourself and the conversation goes well, your boss with actually respect you more and consider you for a raise in the future.

4. You have other life goals

Not many people raise their hands as children and proclaim "I want to be an accountant!" If you are someone who has deferred your life goals in order to make money, this can be a slippery slope.

One day you are working while simultaneously day dreaming of taming lions in Africa (or whatever), then you blink and those days where you could have done something really awesome have passed you by. You're left wondering, where did my life go?

5. You have found another way to make money

Leaving a job can be the best decision of your life.

With the growing presence of online business, It's now easier than ever to build a legitimate online business sharing the knowledge and experience that you already have.

There are thousands of examples of people who decided that their job was no longer worth the time or the stress and went on to create a thriving business. The best part about starting a website is, there is close to zero startup cost or risk AND there is potentially huge upside.

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